Why I Want to Burn Email Swipe Files and What to Do Instead [Part 1 of 2]

Ooo…I’m about to start some sh*t!

But, this really needs to be said because it is the #1 thing that kept me broke, depressed and at the edge of my sanity.

Disclaimer: I’m NOT a copywriter, but I am me. Writing without someone else’s script provided the most significant shift in my ability to quickly produce high quality content.

You really just need to trust yourself for a moment.

No one else has your unique perspective on the topic you have chosen, so you can speak on it as you please.  Now I fully support templates that show you the what and why of each element that goes into your email newsletter, blog post or the like.

Swipe files are the #1 killer of originality. Be your unfiltered self! – Tweetable

Let’s get started!

Email #1 – The Initiation

The very first email you send out should deliver your lead magnet and welcome your new subscriber to your list.  Make sure it is oozing your brand juices and don’t be afraid to show your personality.

Tip: Picture a close friend who also happens to be your idea customer (if you don’t have a friend that would fit your market, think of a television or movie character that fits and write as though you are personally emailing them and welcoming them onto your list.)

Email #2 – Segment Your List

The thing I love about email sequences is that they provide an easy way to really focus in one what each of your customers are struggling with. Though the core issues may be similar, they may be experiencing different aspects of a particular issue.

Let me explain, a checklist for creating a high converting landing page could bring a flood of traffic however one person could be struggling with writing a stellar headline while someone else may be having a hard time configuring Leadpages.

If you have experience in both of these, you could provide targeted content in the rest of your email series that helps solve their specific need.

Segmenting your list is a powerful way of offering profound solutions to your customers problems while offering products and services that practically sell themselves.

Email #3 – Make Your Highly Targeted Offer

Based on the response you receive from the previous segmentation email, you can now send an offer for something that will directly solve the problem they indicated. Trust me, it feels so good to help people solve their problems and they will appreciate you for it.

Sidenote: This email sequence is based off the assumption that each subscriber will take you up on your offer. If you want to know what to send if people say “no” and how to get them back on track? Check out the Email Seduction Playbook available here!

Email #4 – Eat This!

Here’s the thing, your lead magnet in my opinion serves two very significant purposes, but most people only focus on one side of the coin.

We already know that lead magnets are a great tool for bringing new leads onto your email list, but they are also good for boosting your credibility.

Hold your audience accountable to the goals they have set for themselves and get them to actually USE what you’ve given them.

Tip: Wonder how you set yourself apart in a crowded market? Provide real value and help your customers achieve a win whether it’s with a free lead magnet or a premium course or program. One small win will make them hungry for even more success and your next offer!

Email #5 – Make your core offer at FULL PRICE

Why do people claim to have the absolute best course or the best product, but jump immediately to the discount? Here are two reasons why you should take a different approach…

  1. The people that take you up on this offer are your BEST customers and deserve to be on an exclusive email list. They want a solution and they are ready for action.
  2. You can use this email to test the temperature of your marketing so far. Imagine, selling out your event, course, programs and products in hours at full price. That’s when you know you’ve arrived.

STAY TUNED: The next blog in the series will show you how to ignite sales using…

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  • The “Bad news/Good news” method – how to use vanishing bonuses to set your sells on fire like industry titan Amy Porterfield
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